What, Who, Why…

It seems fascia is suddenly the word on everyone’s lips! But why?
Due to ground-breaking work by Dr Robert Schleip, Professor Carla Stecco, Dr Jean-Claude Guimbarteau and the like, this so-called Cinderella tissue has emerged as far more than “nature’s packing material” as once assumed, gaining prominence as one of the most, if not the most, significant contributor to fluid, efficient movement.

With roles in proprioception, force transmission, elastic recoil, and the immune and lymphatic systems, fascia has ignited the imagination of talented researchers the world over, producing a burgeoning body of work to carry us forward in our exploration of the endless web.


This website will aspire to disseminate the very latest in pioneering research findings, gathering information from far and wide. Interesting articles and perspectives into the critical contribution this tissue proffers from the very people making the discoveries and breaking new ground. There will be blogs, interviews, maybe even the odd podcast or two, as I travel the world in my quest to know as much as I can about this fascia-nating tissue!

From a clinical perspective, we’ll look at not only healthy fascia but what can go wrong with it, the implications both acute and chronic, and what to do about it! Educating our clientele about fascia to facilitate self-efficacy and greater personal responsibility has got to be a major objective, and an absolute necessity if we’re to achieve the best possible clinical outcomes.

So stay tuned….